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Dog lover? We are hiring

Paws for thought…

If you’re interested in joining our ever-expanding Pooches of London team, we would love to hear from you!

Becoming a member of our valued team will not only help you to stay fit, healthy, and active, it will also allow you to reap the benefits that come hand in hand with taking care of animals.

And, despite popular belief, becoming a dog walker, sitter, or boarder doesn’t mean that you need to dedicate hours of your time to us – far from it! At the moment, we are looking to hire part time dog walkers in the London area.

This means that, as part of the job role, you will be expected to commit to 1 or 2 walks per day – usually between 10am - 3pm. This type of position is perfect for those looking to complement their evening/weekend job or enhance their regular full time wage.

So if you’re a dog lover who loves the outdoors and you’re pretty flexible when it comes to the hours between 10am and 3pm, we’d love to hear from you! Of course, if you have any questions, big or small, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Role requirements

This is a part-time position.

If you feel you’re the right person for the role, please send us your CV along with details of your availability and experience with dogs.

*Please note that although we do not charge late cancellation fees, if you forget to cancel our service or one of our dog walkers arrives at your home to pick your dog up, you will still be charged.